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About Eddie

We have streamlined the process of buying or selling a home to make it easier for you! We have built a team of industry experts to make sure you have access to local home inspectors, contractors, interior designers, service providers, property managers, lending professionals, title and escrow companies, painters, gardeners, plumbers, electricians home warranty companies and more to provide you with the best service possible!

We are dedicated to providing the most up-to-date market data in the area. Our team is made up of caring, knowledgeable professionals that work tirelessly to help you with the home buying and selling process. 

Representing Buyers And Sellers

I'm part of a dynamic Team of Professionals who are highly trained to be the best at what we do. With more than 25 years experience in sales, management, and business development, I'll help you create a strategy to achieve your goals.  I'll offer you actionable information, scenarios, options, and possible outcomes and let YOU decide which direction we take.  We'll walk this journey together, adjusting the plan as necessary, always moving forward to achieve your desired results.

Originally raised on a farm in West Tennessee, I have also served our country in the United States Marine Corps stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA.  There, I met my wife of 34 years.  We relocated to Middle Tennessee in 1986 where we raised four wonderful children.  I enjoy being outdoors, traveling, shooting sports, and reading as well as being an enthusiastic volunteer at New Vision Baptist Church in Murfreesboro.



Dear Eddie, we are filled with gratitude to have been introduced to you, to work with you, and to quite hastily chase and then catch our dreams.  You have been instrumental in bringing those dreams to life by quite literally placing us at the doorstep.  It has truly been our great pleasure and honor to work with you.  We wish you all the best in all your future endeavors.  ~The Whites

"Eddie Mann is BY FAR the best agent I've ever had.  I'll never forget my first time "meeting" him.  My wife had an email with a video attached to it.  This well spoken gentleman in a cowboy hat (full of smiles and energy, might I add) expressed how he wanted to find a home for my family.  From then on was history as he not only sold our home but helped find us a new one.  Eddie Mann truly takes your best interest to heart and puts in many hours and resources to find you a home.  He takes his job seriously.  I'm happy to say our relationship didn't stop at a professional level, but I now consider him a friend.  I cannot say enough about his professionalism and work ethic.  I guarantee using Eddie will be the best home buying experience you'll ever have.  Eddie Mann is truly The MANN!"  --Michael E.

"We were so lucky to have Eddie when looking for our new home.  He was prompt with any questions and concerns we had, and truly had our best interests in mind.  He gave his honest opinion about every house we viewed and wasn't interested in closing quickly.  You will not regret having Eddie Mann in your corner".  -- Ryan & Dee T.

"Eddie has worked with my family on 4 houses now.  I bought my first home through him and it was so good that I then sold my Mothers house through him.  Then my daughter bought her house through him and now we have another house that is selling through him!  So, Eddie has done an excellent job on all of these experiences so far.  I would highly recommend him!"  ~Ken F.

"Eddie Mann is an excellent Realtor.  He was always available when I had questions and kept my best interest in mind.  He has a great personality and is welcoming when you have to bring your child with you.  Once I found a house, he helped me through the entire process.  He joined me at closing and made sure the numbers were right". --Nicole C.

"Eddie Mann was wonderful!  He wasn't impatient or pushy like many realtors.  He listened to what we wanted and worked hard to help us find our dream home.  I love that he made things more personal with his videos as opposed to simply emailing.  If we move again we will definitely be contacting him!"  --Anthony & Michelle G.

"Eddie has been topnotch to work with.  His down-to-earth personality proved to be highly professional, knowledgeable and expedient.  Eddie armed us with abundant information on properties and helped us make a purchase that met all our needs.  Eddie walked side by side with us through the entire process and made sure we were completely satisfied.  Eddie's unquestionably honest and dependable service can only be compared to true friendship."  -- Doug & Sherrie H.

"I just moved from California to Shelbyville, TN.  Eddie Mann was my agent.  Eddie and Katie made the whole process easy.  They have been there every step of the way.  When I got to my house on a Saturday I had no lights or water.  Eddie made some calls and got everything turned on in one day (I should say a matter of hours.)  If I ever buy another house it will be through them (don't think I will because I love my home).  This was my first time buying a home....thank you so much."  ~Janet D.